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World’s first

Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrators


Any concentration       on-site        on-demand

What do we do?

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a great clean green energy source. However, the storage of H2O2 is burdensome and very costly. The higher the concentration of H2O2 is, the more hazardous it is to handle and very expensive to transport.

At SolvGE, we are producing the world’s first Electrified and safe Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrator. Our team has developed a novel patented technology that allows for a safer production of H2O2 at any required concentration, when and where you need it.  All this is achieved with extreme safety measures so that you can focus on what matters: working with the high concentration H2O2. Through a revolutionary passive process, the concentrator can produce any output up to 99.5%+; all this while adhering to the highest standards for purity!

Inherently safe

Autonomous operation. Any vapour is automatically diluted!


Concentrate anywhere and anytime, no more expensive transport

Any percentage

Get the concentration you need for your operation

Concentrate hydrogen peroxide to concentrations needed for a whole range of different industries! 

Hypergolicity for space applications has been studied with our peroxide: click here to see a short demonstration!


Waste water Treatment


Mining Industry


Paper Bleaching


Electronics Manufacturing


Chemical Synthesis and Oxidation Reaction


Space Propulsion

Mission and vision

It is SolvGE’s mission to make the world a greener place. SolvGE does this by making concentrated hydrogen peroxide, a green fuel, easily accessible.

Meet the Team!

SolvGE’s team comprises of various backgrounds from chemical engineers to business and product design. This wide variety of expertise comes together to create a greener future for all of us. We are a very inclusive team where everyone is valued. If you would like to learn more about us or if you are interested in joining us, click to find out more!


We are continuously trying to improve our products, find new partners and trying to reach new heights. Check out our recent successes! More exciting updates coming soon… will you be part of them?

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The Future of Green Energy

SolvGE: accessible green circular energy storage and generation systems.

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