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SolvGE: What We Do

Launch Day of 1KG/day H2O2 Concentrator (17/06/2022)

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) for Everyone!

Global environmental issues have led to the urgency of using renewable, clean energy. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) has been highly desired as a clean energy source and helps reduce the need for fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gasses. However, the storage of H2O2 is burdensome and very costly. The higher the concentration of H2O2 is, the more hazardous it is to handle and very expensive to transport.

At SolvGE, we are producing the world’s first Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrator. Our team has developed a novel patented technology that allows for a safer production of H2O2 at any required concentration, when and where you need it. With the printer in your hands, its portability and scalability will provide you any volume of H2O2 for multiple applications. From bleaching pulp to manufacturing disinfectants, from extracting gold and uranium to wastewater treatment, from oxidation reactions to manufacturing electronics; and even fueling space propulsion. All this is achieved with extreme safety measures so that you can focus on what matters: working with the high concentration H2O2. Through a revolutionary passive process, the printer can produce any output up to 99.5%+; all this while adhering to the highest standards for purity!

Any Concentration You Want

Start as low as 10%wt and produce any concentration up to 99.5%wt.

Portable and Scalable

Welcome to the future! Get your H2Oon-site and on-demand with complete user control.

Health Monitoring System

Focus on what matters for you. SolvGE will monitor the product and the printer operations, ensuring a safe and smooth operation, even remotely.

Quality Control

You decided what purity levels you want for your output. SolvGE will not alter the purity level of your input feedstock.

Long Period Guaranteed

Our systems have been running non-stop for hundreds of hours. It is our promise.

Simple and Passive

All you have to do is switch on the system and let it do the work for you. Due to its autonomous system, it requires no labor and monitoring from you. The printer will automatically notify you when it’s ready!

Applications of H2OConcentration


Waste water Treatment


Mining Industry


Paper Bleaching


Electronics Manufacturing


Chemical Synthesis and Oxidation Reaction


Space Propulsion

Hypergolicity with Propellant-grade H2O2

The hypergolicity is achieved with catalyst (right) and without catalyst (left) using propellant-grade (>90%) Hydrogen Peroxide produced with the help of the Research-Grade Product.

SolvGE: Research-Grade Product

SolvGE‘s Partners

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The Future of Green Energy

SolvGE is introducing a revolutionary technology that will allow accessible green circular energy storage and generation system.

Let’s make a change together for a better future.

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