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Solving Sustainability

Solving the problems of sustainability in every aspect of life, using green resources for basic activities from handwash, to space propulsion, to green circular energy systems.

Hands on Involvement

SolvGE believes in unity. Unity of the team, unity with customers, and unity with SolvGE’s mission.


Everyone working together are considered equal in terms of idea values, along with work and social environments within and outside the company.

Our Mission

Global accessibility to green energy for every inhabitant in the world is essential to ensure the progress of humanity, here on Earth and even beyond to space. SolvGE will enable people to use basic resources such as water and sunlight to provide themselves with sustainable means of energy production, storage, and generation for versatile applications. Using one green resource for many applications, just Hydrogen Peroxide, as a method of not only accessing green energy but also as a means of disinfectants, bleaching, and oxidizing agent, and much more.

Meet the team

Dr. B.V.S Jyoti

Dr. B.V.S Jyoti

Founder & CEO

Dr. Jyoti is an Assistant Professor Space Engineering Department, Aerospace Engineering Faculty, at TU Delft. Specialize in ‘Energetic Materials’ (especially Green) and ‘Propulsion System’.

Coming from India, she did most of her higher education in South Korea. She was awarded the “Korea Young Research Fellowship (KRF)” and received a grant from the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), Ministry of Science, South Korea, for her project on ‘Green Hypergolic Propellant (H2O2) based Propulsion System’.

Dr. Jyoti has secured 5 patents, 14 International publications, and 19 international conference papers.

Jaime Quesada Mañas

Jaime Quesada Mañas

Co-founder & CTO

Jaime graduated with a bachelors and masters degree, obtaining each a Cum Laude for Space Engineering, in Aerospace Engineering Faculty in TU Delft. During the masters, his research focus is in the field of ‘H2O2 concentration and detailed hypergolicity study for dual-mode green mono/bi-propellant based micro propulsion system’. From which he has been able to file for one patent and a journal publication.

He participated in a 6-month internship at the Ariane Group in Munich, Germany with a focus on data science applied to thermomechanics applications. He has previously collaborated on market analysis for a start-up named Tocano. For his course titled “High Technology Start-ups,” his project obtained the title of “Most Promising Startup” for its course work.

Pranav Prasad

Pranav Prasad

Co-founder & CSO

Coming from India, Pranav completed his bachelor’s degree from the Aerospace Engineering Faculty at TU Delft. He is currently pursuing his Master's in Space Engineering and also involved in research of “Hydrogen Peroxide – as green energy system” and has also obtained a patent filing and journal publication from his work on H2O2 concentration.

He has spent 6 months of internship at the E-Space Center at Lausanne, Switzerland, along with an internship at the Indian Space Research Organisation, Bengaluru, India.

Dinesh Mengu

Dinesh Mengu

Head of Propulsion Technology

Dinesh is from India, he did a Bachelor of Technology in Aeronautical Engineering. He obtained a Master of Engineering and completed PhD thesis work from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. He is specialized in chemical rocket propulsion and has expertise in testing and analysis of chemical rockets (Solid, Liquid, and Hybrid Rockets). 

During his PhD, he has worked on “Regression Rate and Combustion Instabilities of Hybrid Rocket Motor”. He was worked as a research fellow for the project “Effect of Protrusion on Regression Rate and Combustion Instabilities of Hybrid Rocket Motor” sponsored by the SERB, India. He was also secured the prestigious CSIR-Senior Research Fellow (SRF) award from CSIR, India for his project on “Effect Protrusion Configuration on Performance of Hybrid Rocket Motor”. Dinesh has secured 5 international publications and 9 (national and international) conference papers. 

Dinesh is currently working on applications of green propulsion mainly focusing on the development of H2O2 based dual-mode thruster for In-space applications.

Nico Hiemstra

Nico Hiemstra

Head of Chemical Engineering

Nico has always had a strong interest in chemistry. He obtained his bachelor's degree in molecular science and technology. This program is a joint degree between TU Delft and the Leiden university, combining the technical knowledge in Delft with the Chemistry knowledge in Leiden. Followed by a master's in Chemical Engineering at the TU Delft.

During his studies, he followed the Chemical product engineering track. Focusing on the utilization of advanced chemical products in the chemical industry. It sparked his interest in the energy transition and the utilization of renewable techniques in the chemical industry. He performed his master thesis in the product and process engineering group at the TU Delft. He worked on the optimization of particle photocatalysts for hydrogen gas production.

Larissa Arif

Larissa Arif

Product Designer

Larissa came from Indonesia, obtaining her bachelor's degree in Industrial Design Engineering at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. With a passion to design for impact, Larissa has Research and Developing experiences in start-up companies valuing sustainability. From plastic waste solution to providing accessible green energy for the festival industry.

Larissa was granted by The Hague University of Applied Sciences to participate in The European Innovation Academy 2019 in Portugal. The entrepreneurship program led her into being one of the Co-founders and Chief Design Officer of Urbanbee, focusing on the awareness of the bee population and safe urban beekeeping. With over 1300 participants and 90+ start-ups, her start-up made it into the Top 10.

Shiva Botchu

Shiva Botchu

Business Strategy Head (Probono)

Shiva is an MBA graduate with a specialization in Finance and Marketing. He has completed Management Accounting from CIMA, UK. At present, he is pursuing Ph.D. in Financial and Monetary System from IIT Delhi.

He has over 17 years of experience as a technology strategy consultant and over the years has advised CXOs of large Global banks, Consumer Goods companies, Telecom, Fintech, and Publishing companies. At present, he is working as Senior Manager with Accenture Strategy & Consulting.

Shiva has a keen interest in tech startups and advises them on a pro-bono basis. He is also a hobby astronomers and enjoys star gazing on clear nights along with his 7 year old son.

Gerben Bultema

Gerben Bultema

Junior Product Market Developer

Gerben is a third year Systems engineering, policy analysis and management student at the TU Delft following the information and communication track. He wants to put the skills that he learned during
his bachelors and minor Technology based Entrepreneurship into practice. He does this by conducting market research, communicating with potential customers and updating the website.

Outside of university Gerben teaches snorkling lessons to children of around 12 years old and enjoys playing (board)games with friends.

Fangyu Gao

Fangyu Gao

Mechatronics Intern

Fangyu is a Hogeschool Inholland graduate who chose to major in aeronautical engineering because of his love in airplanes and drones. He is in his final year of a minor in design and development.
Fangyu has extensive knowledge of drones and electric aircraft. He worked autonomously and produced excellent outcomes on each project while working on two drone projects and an electric aircraft project.
Fangyu is now conducting research for the SolvGE team. He will provide mechanical and mechatronics support and use his expertise to assist the team with upgrading the SG-1 to the SG-20.



Any role

SolvGE is growing at a rapid rate and is thus looking for all kinds of roles: technical but also business!

If you are interested in solving today's issues on the topic of green energy and sustainable development with a young and thrilling start-up, check our positions out!

If you’re interested to know more, write to us with your CV to [email protected].

Starting date: as soon as possible. 


SolvGE  is looking for you! 


Careers at SolvGE

 Our team is growing! SolvGE is expanding its team and opening positions for both Technical and Business -oriented profiles!

If you are interested in solving today’s issues on the topic of green energy and sustainable development with a young and thrilling start-up, check our positions out!

If you’re interested to know more, write to us with your CV to [email protected].

Starting date: as soon as possible. 

The Future of Green Energy

SolvGE is introducing a revolutionary technology that will allow accessible green circular energy storage and generation system.

Let’s make a change together for a better future.

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