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4 year long EU Horizon funded project with the Power2Hype consortium

Together with the Power2Hype consortium SolvGE will be working on a new sustainable route for hydrogen peroxide production. H2O2 production based on just water, renewable energy and air! This project is funded by European Union. You can find more about Power2Hype by clicking on the image/title above.

SolvGE & T-Minus Kick-Off for RVO funded project

Glad to share the Project Kickoff Meeting of SolvGE with T-Minus for RVO funded project. SolvGE is looking forward to this project collaboration with T-Minus! H2O2 Concentrator and Propulsion Application.


Top 10 Indian Leaders in Europe 2023


SolvGE proudly congratulates our Founder & CEO, Dr. B.V.S Jyoti, for being featured as one of the Top 10 Indian Leaders in 2023 selected by CEO Insights. Her story has been featured in the January 2023 edition, uncovering her journey in the aerospace industry and her motivation that led to the start of SolvGE.

With this recognition, SolvGE hopes to expand the understanding of the current challenges in the Space industry and opportunities to deploy the technologies around green hydrogen peroxide for other markets like the chemical or the semiconductor industry.

One more applause to our CEO Dr. B.V.S Jyoti! 👏👏👏
SolvGE looks forward to her leadership in sustainable H2O2 solutions and excited to introduce more in the near future! 🚀🚀🚀
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SolvGE granted another MIT subsidy

SolvGE has recently been granted the “Mkb-innovatiestimulering Regio en Topsectoren (MIT)” subsidy from Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) for our 5 kg/day H2O2 Concentrator.

With this voucher, SolvGE will develop a completely autonomous system that can concentrate up to 98% H2O2 concentration. The machine is being developed for use by a Dutch company in the space sector. 

♻️ Stay tuned for some sustainable research! ♻️

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SolvGE granted EU Horizon Project

SolvGE and the project Consortium have been granted the EU Horizon Project. With this grant, SolvGE will develop the SG-200 #HydrogenPeroxide Concentrator. The SG-200 will be able to produce up to 200 kg per day of HTP for industrial applications.

In the spirit of celebration, last Friday we organized a small event for SolvGE team to commemorate one of the biggest milestone we have achieved, yet. And we hope to ignite the spirit and progression of SOLVing Green Energy!

Stay tuned for more updates about this Project!

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IAC 2022- Space for All

Our first days at the IAC 2022 – Space for All went on a blast! 🚀 We are so happy to see so many interests in Hydrogen Peroxide to use as a green propellant and promote the road to green space.

And with our on-demand and on-site technology, we are able to tackle the concerns of accessibility and help the industry transition into a greener and cleaner space technology.

Think you’ve missed us? Not to worry! If you are in Paris, visit our Booth M5 and get to know more about how to Solve Green Energy – ‘SolvGE’!

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MIT Voucher for H2O2

SolvGE has been granted the MIT Knowledge Voucher from Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) for our joint project with TNO titled: “Research into chemical applications of high concentration H2O2”.

With this voucher, SolvGE and  will investigate how #HydrogenPeroxide can substitute conventional toxic oxidisers in the chemical industry. In this way, we will make industrial chemical reactions more efficient with Hydrogen Peroxide as an emission-less and sustainable oxidiser.


Receiver of "MIT Haalbaarheidsprojecten" 2022

The MIT Grant is government-supported program to align SME innovations closely to the agendas of top sectors. The subsidy for this amounts to a maximum of 350,000 euros if you collaborate on an innovation project with at least one other SME. The grant is awarded on the basis of the ranking of the applications.

SolvGE was recently rewarded with the MIT Grant for the Feasibility Study to continue the research and development of Hydrogen Peroxide solutions. 


1KG/day H2O2 Concentrator Launch Day

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally here. We are thrilled to launch our SG-1 (1kg capacity/day) Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrator! On 17th of June, we will hold an open demonstration of our products. We welcome all of you that are interested and are curious to know more about how to SOLVing Green Energy together.


ChemSpec Exhibition 2022

SolvGE participating ChemSpec Exhibition 2022 in Frankfurt in Germany. Our stand number is E73. Looking forward to meeting people to introduce our innovative technology.


Winner of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

On the 9th of February 2022, our co-founder Pranav Prasad together with the support of SolvGE team members Larissa Saffanah ArifDeniz Ozturk and Eoghan Gilleran, won the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) in the Netherlands. With this award, SolvGE will continue its team expansion, product roadmap and will represent The Netherlands in the global stage of GSEA.

It is a proud moment for the SolvGE family! Let’s keep up the good work, team!
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Green Propellant Supplier for Project Dodo

Good news! We’re happy to introduce SolvGE as the eco-friendly propellant supply partner for Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering’s (DARE) Project Dodo!

SolvGE has developed a line of products branded as the Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrator. Our product with an output size of 50mL/day is already available for purchase, 1kg/day is available for pre-orders, along with 20kg/day and 200kg/day in the near future. With this, they can greatly reduce our logistic efforts and still carry out launching and testing activities, pushing forward a new era in green space activities 🚀🚀🚀

SolvGE – Sustainable Peroxide for Power and Propulsion

Our First RGP Sale

On the 23rd of September 2021, our first Hydrogen Peroxide Research Grade Product (RGP) was shipped to our first customer: a research university!

It is one of our historical moments at SolvGE. Aside from the RGP, we are already developing the larger scale Printer for our industrial customer applications.

This is only the beginning of our journey to create accessible, safe, and efficient #greenenergysolutions for earth 🌎 , space 🚀 , and more!

A huge appreciation to the SolvGE team that made it happen. Let’s work together and make a change for a better, greener future together 💡🌱

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Take-off 2 Grant from NWO

Take-off is a funding instrument aimed at supporting business activity and entrepreneurship originating in science. It is assembled by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

On the 5th July 2020, SolvGE was awarded the Take-off 2 Grant: Early Phase Project, from NWO in collaboration with TU Delft. The grant help to support the developments of SolvGE’s upcoming technology.


Take-off-1 Grant from NWO: Feasibility Study

Take-off is a funding instrument aimed at supporting business activity and entrepreneurship originating in science. It is assembled by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) with ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development).

In June 2020, SolvGE was awarded the Take-off: Feasibility Study funding from NWO in collaboration with TU Delft. The feasibility study succeeded in the potential of SolvGE becoming a start-up company.

TU Delft Aerospace Start-Up Voucher

The Aerospace Startup Voucher & Coaching Programme aims at scouting, creating, and supporting startups, assembled by TU Delft. The basis is that TU Delft invests in the production of a prototype, or the making of a ‘proof-of-principle’ for new technologies.

SolvGE secured the Aerospace Startup Voucher funding and is currently a part of the Aerospace Innovation Hub located in TU Delft.

TTT Voucher from Delft Enterprise for Circular Energy System

The Delft Energy Initiative is the portal to energy research, education, and innovation at TU Delft. This initiative serves as a catalyst for collaboration between scientists and students and between TU Delft and businesses, government agencies, and politicians.

Milestone: Process Time Reduction by 25%

Our Hydrogen Peroxide printer team has achieved a new milestone:
“This week our team reached a new milestone on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide at the research facility. The sample was concentrated from 30% to 97% over the span of 17 hours and 15 minutes, reducing the processing time by 25%. This is a new milestone which further enhances the position of SolvGE’s technology in the market of on-site green space propellants” – claims Dr.B.V.S Jyoti, CEO of SolvGE – “Of course, our goal is to get as close as possible to instantaneous production, but this points we are on the right track.”

The Future of Green Energy

SolvGE is introducing a revolutionary technology that will allow accessible green circular energy storage and generation system.

Let’s make a change together for a better future.

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