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Take-off-1 Grant from NWO: Feasibility Study

Take-off is a funding instrument aimed at supporting business activity and entrepreneurship originating in science. It is assembled by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) with ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development).

In June 2020, SolvGE was awarded the Take-off: Feasibility Study funding from NWO in collaboration with TU Delft. The feasibility study succeeded in the potential of SolvGE becoming a start-up company.

TU Delft Aerospace Start-Up Voucher

The Aerospace Startup Voucher & Coaching Programme aims at scouting, creating, and supporting startups, assembled by TU Delft. The basis is that TU Delft invests in the production of a prototype, or the making of a ‘proof-of-principle’ for new technologies.

SolvGE secured the Aerospace Startup Voucher funding and is currently a part of the Aerospace Innovation Hub located in TU Delft.


TTT Voucher from Delft Enterprise for Circular Energy System

The Delft Energy Initiative is the portal to energy research, education, and innovation at TU Delft. This initiative serves as a catalyst for collaboration between scientists and students and between TU Delft and businesses, government agencies, and politicians.

Milestone: Process Time Reduction by 25%

Our Hydrogen Peroxide printer team has achieved a new milestone:
“This week our team reached a new milestone on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide at the research facility. The sample was concentrated from 30% to 97% over the span of 17 hours and 15 minutes, reducing the processing time by 25%. This is a new milestone which further enhances the position of SolvGE’s technology in the market of on-site green space propellants” – claims Dr.B.V.S Jyoti, CEO of SolvGE – “Of course, our goal is to get as close as possible to instantaneous production, but this points we are on the right track.”

The Future of Green Energy

SolvGE is introducing a revolutionary technology that will allow accessible green circular energy storage and generation system.

Let’s make a change together for a better future.

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