SolvGE  Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrator


Benefits of Our Technology

Patented Technology

Passiveness: ensuring the process is safe and you can focus on what matters, the use of the chemical

Portable and scalable: any of your volume demands wherever you require, can be met with this printer technology.

Autonomous: no supervision is needed to make this happen, which means more time to do your work!

Product Specifications 

Product Type Volume Production
Researcher Grade (RGP) 500 ml (Available for Order)
SG-1 1 kg (Available for Pre-order)
SG-20 20 kg (Coming soon!)
SG-200 200 kg



What Can SolvGE Do For You?

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrator is a portable system. This can be used as a stand alone product at any location as desired by the user.

  • It is a scalable system. It can be built for users working with smaller quantities and even larger.

  • It is a flexible system. Flexible as the concentration of hydrogen peroxide can be controlled by the user. The same concentrator can produce 10% or 50% or even 99.5% + , directly depending on the customer requirements.

  • It is user oriented. The user does not have to undergo any safety training for using the Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrator. The user does not have to conduct any manual labor during the use of the printer. Just input the final concentration required and switch it ON!

  • It is a safe system. The method of concentration is passive, that means no heat, no pressure is added. We let the hydrogen peroxide concentrate without adding energy to the system itself.

  • The product is built on customer centered versatility. It can concentrate hydrogen peroxide starting at a concentration of 10% and above. It can then output any concentration upto a maximum of 99.5% +, with an accuracy of 0.1%.

Researcher Grade Product

SolvGE develops the “lunch box-sized” concentrator for researchers to obtain small-volumes of highly concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide safely. Users avoid the issues of storing bulks of H2O2 and instead can be immediately used for their research and experiment. Passive technology eliminates the use of external sources of energy and chemicals.

Product Specification


End User Research Institutions/Organizations (Includes University)
Input Feedstock ~10 to 30% Concentrated H2O2
Output Concentration 40 – 99.5% Concentrated H2O2
Maximum Input Volume 300ml
Maximum Final Volume ~40 – 50ml of 99.5% Concentrated H2O2
Efficiency 80 – 90%, based on the final concentration of H2O2
Operating Guidelines Instruction manual, safety protocols, and additional instruments provided


We have developed our 1KG Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrator suitable for industrial-scale applications. Similar to our Researcher grade concentrator, the SG-1 uses a safe and passive technology to concentrate low concentration of H2Oto higher concentration, up to 95%. No external source of energy and chemical is required. The use of our technology reduces the logistical issue of obtaining high concentration peroxide, in terms of time and cost.

Product Specification


End User Researchers and Industries
Input Feedstock 30% Concentrated H2O2
Output Concentration 40 – 90% Concentrated H2O2
Maximum Input Volume 5KG
Maximum Final Volume 1KG of 95% Concentrated H2O2
Efficiency 80 – 90%, based on the final concentration of H2O2


With the success of our SG-1, we are currently in the process of scaling up to the production capacity of 20 kg per day of up to 99% peroxide concentration. The concentrator will in its own construction unit to create a safe and portable HTP production system.


Image may slightly differ from actual product

Product Specification


End User Space and Mining Industries
Input Feedstock 30% Concentrated H2O2
Output Concentration 40 – 90% Concentrated H2O2
Maximum Input Volume 100 L
Maximum Final Volume 20 KG of 99% Concentrated H2O2
Efficiency 80 – 90%, based on the final concentration of H2O2

The Future of Green Energy

SolvGE is introducing a revolutionary technology that will allow accessible green circular energy storage and generation system.

Let’s make a change together for a better future.

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